10 Tourist Sites in Jakarta you Must Visit

As the capital of Indonesia and the center of government, Jakarta is rich in both historical and modern tourist sites. As a city with a long history, Jakarta holds memories of the past, both long before independence and in the early days of independence. Various monuments in the form of buildings, plazas and culture can still be traced and enjoyed in Jakarta. It’s a loss if you don’t see Jakarta with all the heritage it has to offer.

The Old Town is one of the historical sites in Jakarta that must be visited. The renovated old town can now become a general tourist destination to see Jakarta’s past. Imagine what happened in Jakarta in the past can be seen in Kota Tua.

It is also known that the Old City of Jakarta is a tourist destination. This area is usually visited by local and foreign tourists by offering unique buildings, ranging from museums to others. Here is the charm of Old Jakarta.

However, Jakarta offers another tourist spot no less than dancing. These are 10 Jakarta tourist spots not to be missed.

Wayang Museum

As the name suggests, the Doll Museum of course displays various dolls from Indonesia and dolls from other countries such as Thailand, China, Cambodia and Suriname. Visitors can also see the shadow puppet show that takes place every month. This museum was built in 1640 which serves to add an insight to the visitors about the world of Wayang and the indigenous culture and culture of Indonesia.

Bahari Museum

The Maritime Museum is one of the tourist destinations to visit while in Jakarta’s Old Town area. Moreover, museum tours dominate most of the tourism in this region. The Maritime Museum itself is located across from the Sunda Kelapa port. During the colonial era, this place was used as a place to store crops. This place is perfect for those who love things related to the sea. Many of the traditional vessels used during the colonial era for VOCs can also be seen in this Maritime Museum. In fact, mountains can also be seen gathering various marine organisms for the fish distribution in the Indonesian oceans.

Bank Indonesia Museum

The Bank Indonesia Museum is one of the museums in the old town area and is also very creative. The Bank Indonesia Museum building bears the Dutch colonial style. The museum was founded in 1828 on the ruins of the De Javasche Bank. In this museum, visitors can get acquainted with various information about the development of the banking industry in Indonesia, even before the advent of the Dutch or Japanese era.

Fatahillah Museum

The Fathullah Museum is the main attraction in Old Jakarta and has become an icon for many of the area’s tourist sites. Previously, the Fethullah Museum was known as the Batavia Museum during the colonial era of Population Vehicle. This museum is known as a silent witness to the struggle of the Indonesian people to achieve independence. Initially, this museum was a town hall building that was also used as a courtroom. In fact, there is a dungeon in this museum.

Museum of Fine Arts and Pottery- Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik

Still talking about museums in the Jakarta area, this time we will discuss the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics. Similar to the Wayang Museum, the museum displays various works from Indonesia as well as various works from abroad such as Asia and Europe. Visitors can see about 350 paintings and 1,350 types of ceramics of high artistic value. In fact, there is also a very old type of porcelain that comes from the Majapahit kingdom in the 14th century. There is also a souvenir shop with interesting artworks

Fatahillah Garden

The site of Fathallah Park, of course, in front of the Fathallah Museum building. Visitors can do various activities in this park, one of them is enjoying the old town area by riding an ontel bike. Visitors can also capture the moment in Fatallah Park by taking selfies at locations on Instagram, including taking pictures with the backdrop of the Fatah Museum building itself.

Red shop – Toko Merah

Toko Merah is one of the highlights of Old Town district of Jakarta as a tourist destination which is also mandatory for visitors to visit. The location and eye-catching color of the building are ideal as an Instagram photoshoot. There are many interesting places which could be other good photography places in Toko Merah. The Toko Merah Building is also claimed to be the oldest building in Old Jakarta, known as Toko Merah because it has a bright red color and attracts the attention of tourists. The architecture is in colonial style with high windows. Toko Merah is also usually used as a venue for art exhibitions, conferences, and performances of various events. However, this red shop is not open to the public, but visitors can still take selfies and enjoy its splendor and uniqueness from the outside.

Kawasan Kali Besar ( Big River)

There is also the Kali Besar region which is known to be a silent witness to the various historical events that took place in Indonesia. Kali Besar is also one of the destinations to visit when traveling to Old Jakarta that is not to be missed. The river that flows through the city center has a large and beautiful park and a comfortable pedestrian area. For those of you who are looking for interesting and Instagramable places, Kali Besar region is definitely very suitable for you to visit and visit.

Jembatan Kota Intan

Moreover, there is the Kuta Intan Bridge which has been built since 1628 which is the oldest bridge in Indonesia. This bridge was built during the VOC era. The Kota Intan Bridge is one of the suspension bridges that was named according to its location after the Indonesian declaration of independence. You can capture the moment on this bridge and take selfies with unique locations.

Sunda Kelapa Port

Sunda Kelapa Harbor is also a tourist site in the Old Town district of Jakarta. The port of Sunda Kelapa was formerly used as a stopover for foreign ships and later turned into a port used for commercial activities. The role of this port is very important because it is a link between Indonesia and other countries. Visitors can witness the activities of Venetian ships as commercial transport in Indonesia at this port. Perhaps the activity is actually as scary as it used to be, but it still has its own charm.

That are 10 Tourist Sites in Jakarta you Must Visit. Have a nice traveling.

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