15 Tourist Attractions in Sulawesi Island

Sulawesi or Celebes has a variety of famous and worldwide tourist attractions. Starting from marine, land, historical, artificial, to culinary tourism, you are ready to explore.

Visiting the island of Sulawesi gives you the opportunity to visit many interesting tourist sites. Even the island with the famous capital of Makassar is still filled with natural beauty that stretches from end to end that is ready to be explored.

Celebes (Sulawesi) is also known for various types of national parks, nature tourism, nature tourism, or culinary. Ready to explore this island? here are some popular tourist attractions that can be visited on the island of Sulawesi.

Toraja land

No visit to Sulawesi is complete without a stop at Tana Toraja. This location is famous for its unique culture in the form of community burial rituals. This special funeral was carried out only for the nobles. These processions and rituals last for several days, ranging from the slaughter of buffalo to the procession in which corpses are brought back to life to walk to the cemetery. If you come at the right time, you can witness this sacred procession.

Windu National Park, Central Sulawesi

In Palu there is a National park which is known for its natural beauty and virginity. Windu National Park is a tourist location that will invite you to go up a mountain which is quite extreme. After a long hike, you will find a forest that is still beautiful with all its flora and fauna. Here you can find various types of birds, monkeys, butterflies, and also flowers or other plants.

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi is the name of an archipelago consisting of the islands of Wangi – Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Biongko. The islands located in southeast Sulawesi have a heavenly underwater view. In fact, according to an expedition it is said that there are 750 of the total 850 types of coral in the world found at this location. For those of you who are interested in visiting this location, be sure to dive and see the beauty of the sea.

Bunaken Marine Park, North Sulawesi

The second destination is Bunaken park in Manado. This marine park is a marine fauna conservation area with a total area of ​​8.08 km2. In the area there are 29 dive points that give you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the underwater ecosystem firsthand. You can see coral expanses, a variety of marine life, while swimming with fish of all species.

Losari Beach, Makassar

This artificial beach is the main icon of the capital city of Makassar. The beauty of the scenery and its structure make this area always crowded with visitors. What makes this location different is that there is no beach sand, only concrete structures jutting into the sea that you will find. But don’t worry, you can do a lot of fun things. Starting from taking pictures at sunset, riding a water bike and banana boat, or sailing by boat.

Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi

Once again you will be presented with the beauty of underwater life. The Togean Islands are known for their clear sea water which shows the diversity of corals. The coral reefs that are still beautiful are generally still natural, making them a dream home for many marine life. This is what makes Togean known to tourists as an ideal location for snorkeling, diving, fishing, or just relaxing.

Bantimurung National Park, South Sulawesi

Still in the same province, South Sulawesi, you can go to Maros Regency or about 45 Km from Makassar. Bantimurung National Park in this area is a suitable tourist location for fans or butterfly observers. This 43,750 hectare park is home to 250 species of these beautiful insects. In addition, you can also enjoy beautiful views of limestone hills, caves, and waterfalls.

Takabonerate Marine Park, South Sulawesi

Another national park that you can visit in South Sulawesi is the Takabonerate marine park. This park is located in the Selayar Islands, where there are coral reefs that reach 500 km2. The archipelago which consists of fifteen islands in total is a favorite location for divers, snorkeling, and also various other marine tourism. So what are you waiting for? Visit this marine park to swim with turtles and a variety of fish.

Love Kanonang Hill, North Sulawesi

If you want to find a quiet tourist location, then visit Bukit Kasih Kanonang which is a symbol of religious harmony. Here you can find various places of worship, from churches, monasteries, mosques, to temples. This hill itself is a sulfur hill that is still active. As a high hilly area, you will be presented with beautiful scenery and natural surroundings. Even this area has a cold atmosphere.

Tanjung Bira Beach, South Sulawesi

In Bulukumba district which is very far from the crowds of Makassar, there is a tourist location in the form of a beach with very soft sand. Known as Tanjung Bira, this beach has a cliff structure that faces directly on the open ocean. You can go down to the beach with the available stairs and feel the softness of the typical sand that is very small like flour.

Somba Opu Fort, South Sulawesi

For history lovers or those who want to learn about the history of Sulawesi, don’t miss visiting the Sumba Opu Fort. This fort is a historical tourist attraction that provides an overview of the life of the Sulawesi Tribe in the colonial era. You can find traditional buildings side by side with a 9 meter long cannon and weighing 9,500 kg in this fort.

Amirul Mukminin Mosque, South Sulawesi

If you visit Losari Beach, Makassar, then take the time to capture the moment near the Amirul Mukminin floating mosque. You can access this magnificent mosque right in the middle of the ocean from Losari beach. The beauty of this unique building and location is the main attraction. When the tide comes, this mosque will look really floating.

Samalona Island, South Sulawesi

No need to go far from Losari beach, you can take a speed boat to Samalona Island to enjoy the beauty of marine life. This island, which is 6.8 KM from Makassar city, is a favorite location for divers and snorkeling. This is because there are still many sea corals that are still beautiful around the island along with a variety of fish and marine life. Not only that, you can also relax and enjoy a variety of fresh seafood.

Tampang Allo Cave, Toraja

This cave is not a cave location like in general. This is because Tampang Allo is a natural cave that is used as food for the Toraja people. There are many reasons why you should visit this location, one of which is to witness the uniqueness of the Toraja tribe. In this destination you can see various tau – tau or statues, beautiful expanses of rice fields, hundreds of animal-shaped coffins, to bones.

Malino Highlands, South Sulawesi

As if there is no end, South Sulawesi also has a natural beauty in the form of a plateau that is no less beautiful with a panoramic view of the sea. In this area you will be presented with natural green and mountains that are still beautiful. Not only that, there is a waterfall that reaches a height of 50 floors. One of the attractions at this location is to go around and explore the fresh area of ​​Malino while riding a horse.

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