16 Tourist Resorts in West Sumatra Must be Visited

West Sumatra is a province on the island of Sumatra on the south coast. West Sumatra, which is often shortened to West Sumatra, is located west of the Barisan Hills, so it has an undulating geographical shape in the form of hills and mountains.

For those of you who want to travel to West Sumatra, we will briefly review the tourist attractions in West Sumatra.

Siti Nurbaya Bridge

The Siti Nurbaya Bridge is one of the tourist icons in the city of Padang, West Sumatra. This bridge is a large bridge located over the Batang Arao River. The bridge is about 100 meters long and has a total length of 600 meters from end to end. This bridge also connects the ancient city of Padang to the Siti Norbaya Park, where Siti Nurbaya is buried.

Lubuak Rantiang

Recently there is a new sightseeing place around Koto Tangah, which is Bangek River. Pangic River is probably already widely known by all the people of Padang City. But what we mean is the name Lubuak Rantiang.

The location is not far from Panjik River Bath. Approximately 1 hour drive, this is because the terrain to be traveled is still a bit challenging. Since there is no good and uncommon access yet, people know about this place.

Carolina Beach

Karolin Padang Beach or Bongos Bay Beach is yet another proof that the natural beauty of West Sumatra is no longer in doubt. This beach was rarely visited and is already known as a private beach because it is deserted by visitors. But now Caroline Beach has turned into a tourist destination in West Sumatra, especially Padang, which is crowded with tourists.

Visitors who come to this place can attest to its uniqueness. Caroline Beach is known to have a unique shoreline, shaped like the letter W or the image of a heart. If you bring a drone to this beach, the beach’s heart-shaped shape will be visible from the air

Pasir jambak Beach

Pasir Gambak Beach is famous for its natural beauty, which makes the visitors of this beach very happy for being able to enjoy the beauty of nature. Pasir Gambak Beach is one of the beach tourist destinations that is a prima donna for beach beauty lovers. This beach is only 17 km from downtown Padang. So that the journey from the city is not too far and short enough for you to be able to enjoy the beauty of the sea at Pasir Gambak Beach.

Padang Beach

Padang Beach is located in the city center of Padang. Padang Taplau Beach is the best place to get rid of the stress of daily routine. At Padang Taplau Beach, visitors can enjoy the sun slowly turning into dusk. Then start touching the horizon and scattering the last rays.

Padang Taplau Beach also has many food vendors in tent stalls standing in a row on the beach, especially the beach in front of the Cultural Park. You can enjoy cold drinks and snacks. As a relaxation buddy, you can buy boiled peanuts or boiled eggs sold by pendakang or have an interesting Padang-style salad which is also enjoyed in the afternoon.

Nirwana Beach

Nirwana Beach is the right destination when visiting Padan. Nirwana Beach is located on the west coast of Sumatra, only about 14 km from the city of Padang. This beautiful beach is located near the port of Teluk Bayur which has been famous for its beauty since the time when the Dutch colonial era colonized our country.

From Nirwana Beach, visitors can view anchored and sailing ships, both passenger and merchant ships. At dusk and late at night, the beauty of Nirwana Beach is no less enchanting. The bright lights and all the lights that light up in Teluk Bayur Harbor look very beautiful and magical and make the atmosphere in the beach area very romantic.

Air Manis Beach

If you’re visiting Padang, take the time to stop by Air Manis Padang Beach to see the unique Malin Kundang stone. Basically, the Malin Kundang Stone is a stone carving in the shape of a broken ship and a human being, Malin Kundang lying face down on the coast of Air Manis Beach.

The Malin Kundang Stone is a boulder depicting the end of the life of the character Malin Kundang, a rich merchant who was cursed upon arriving in his hometown for refusing to acknowledge his mother. The presence of Batu Malin Kundang has popularized Air Manis Beach, a legendary place as one of the tourist attractions in Padang.

Sitinjau Lauik

Sitinjau Lauik or better known as Padang Scenic Point. As the name suggests, the most desirable tour of this site is that visitors can enjoy vast and green views, accompanied by views of the Indian Ocean in the distance.

Sitinjau Lauik is a tourist spot in Padang and is very suitable if you are looking for a tourist location with cool weather, because Sitinjau Lauik is a place with an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

Adityawarman Museum

The construction of the Adityawarman Museum started in 1974 and opened on March 16, 1977. The Adityawarman Museum deserves to be called “Taman Mini” in West Sumatra style. The Adityawarman Museum is the most important cultural museum in West Sumatra.

The Adityawarman Museum serves as a place for storing and preserving historical objects such as cultural heritage. The Adityawarman Museum has the ins and outs of typical Minang culture, from traditional clothing to traditional musical instruments. Located in the city center of Padang,

Puncak Gogoan or Gogoan Peak

Gagoan Peak is a beautiful cliff located in Paninggahan, Junjung Sirih, Solok, West Sumatra. Gagoan Peak has a really beautiful, interesting and unique natural panorama, adorned with coral rocks which look attractive if we take a picture here.

Above this peak, you can see the landscape and charm of Singkarak Lake which is not far from this peak. Apart from that, visitors will be spoiled by the high winds that blow fast enough with very cold air. This is because this hill is actually surrounded by forests which still maintain their beauty.

Singkarak Lake

This lake has clear waters, so you can often see the boats of fishermen deployed on the surface of Lake Singkarak to find fish, in addition to a lot of trees that make the view green around the lake. You will find this beautiful scene at Singkarak Lake.

Although this lake is very wide and has clear water, not many kinds of fish can live in the waters of Singkarak Lake. There are only 19 species of fish that have been recorded to live in this lake. This is possible due to the limited food and water conditions in which fish live in general.

Kapalo Banda Koto Hilalang  Waterfall

Kapalo Waterfall Banda Koto Hilalang is a waterfall still hidden in the forest of Kenagarian Koto Hilalang, Kec. Kupung, Solok Regency is Kabalu Banda Waterfall.

Reaching this waterfall is not very difficult, only by traveling on foot for about an hour from the residential areas. The feeling of fatigue when tracing the source of the river and jumping over the slippery rocks disappeared after reaching the site of the waterfall, which is about 10 meters high.

Tree House

Laing Park Tree House is located not far from Solok city and this tourist attraction has become a new tourist destination that is currently occupied and widely discussed and visited by today’s youth and families. The interesting thing about Laing Park is the tree house.

The tree house here provides a great natural atmosphere for relaxing. It is suitable for who wants to refresh your mind and feel the fresh air typical of the countryside. The tourist site covers an area of 8 hectares, which is very natural and far from pollution. There are 2 treehouses with a capacity of 5 adults or 10 children, 10 meters high.

Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall

Sarasah Batimpo Waterfall is located in Laing Village, Tanjung Harapan, about 5 km from downtown Solok. This waterfall is in a strategic location with a beautiful view that makes it an attraction. This waterfall is also the right place for those of you who want to enjoy the magic of a waterfall while enjoying eco-tourism like fish farming ponds, trekking/hiking and camping sites.

Gobah Peak

Puncak Gobah is a tourist attraction which is still new and currently popular in Solok Regency. This peak is located on the Nagari Aripan peak overlooking Singkarak Lake. The beauty of Puncak Gobah offers an absolutely stunning natural panorama with expanses of rice fields, forests and coastal area in the southern part of Singkarak Lake. This peak site is also equipped with a tree house for photo ops which adds to the attraction for the visitors of this tourist spot.

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