New Tourism in Flower City  Bandung dan Kulonprogo

Bandung has always been a city full of visitors, especially tourists, along with the development of new tourist attractions in Bandung. As a city known as the Flower City, several areas in Bandung have a cool air even though the hustle and bustle is still not inferior to the capital Jakarta. However, with the many tourist areas in Bandung, it will certainly provide a place to relax and relieve fatigue from the dense traffic in Bandung.

So, what are the places or tourist destinations that are still relatively new in the city of Bandung. Here are some of them, namely;

Bamboo Village

Dusun Bambu Leisure Park is a place that displays a very beautiful atmosphere. Besides being beautiful, Dusun Bambu also adopts a back to nature theme and emphasizes the natural beauty of nature, however, the modern facilities offered are also very well combined, ranging from villas, restaurants, playgrounds, cafes and so on. The food offered is also very diverse, ranging from within the Bandung area to food from outside the Bandung area.

In addition to the restaurant you can stay overnight, because this bamboo hamlet has provided several villas and cottages that can add to your wonderful experience there.

Elephant Village

Although this place is called the elephant village, this place is not an elephant sanctuary that accommodates a lot of elephants. Kampung Gajah is a place that combines restaurants, shopping places and also a playground that can satisfy you.

Kampung Gajah Tour has lots of rides that can spoil your family. each ride has a different ticket, so make sure you have enough money to enjoy all the rides on offer.

Citatah Cliff

Although it has been heard a lot, this tourist destination has become popular recently, especially for rock climbing lovers. With the characteristics of cliffs originating from limestone, Citatah cliffs are safe to be used as an arena for rock climbing.

Trans Studio Bandung

Its location in the center of Bandung is one of the reasons why this tourist spot is one of the most popular tourist sites, besides that there are lots of hotels around Trans Studio Bandung, so you as a backpacker don’t need to worry because most of the prices offered are not expensive

In addition, there are lots of rides offered in this place so you can satisfy yourself to play with your family here

Citambur waterfall

This waterfall is one of the exotic tourist attractions that can relieve your fatigue, even though the water discharge is high but that doesn’t mean you can’t play in this place, you can play in the lower stream.

This place is very suitable to be used as a place to relieve fatigue in your daily routine, besides that, you can reflect for a moment and enjoy the beauty of this place.

Those are some of the new tourist attractions in the Bandung area. Although there are some places that have been around for a long time, many improvements have been made, especially in maintaining their sustainability so that they become something new. There are so many new tourist attractions with beautiful nature in Bandung, but it’s even better if you explore these places and maintain the new natural tourism environment as a new tourist spot in Bandung.

The Beauty of Enjoying Tourism in Kulon Progo

Spending vacation time at tourist attractions in Kulon Progo, will be an unforgettable moment. Kulon Progo itself is a place or a city in the province of Yogyakarta which is always famous for its tourist destinations. The location of this district is in the west of the city of Yogyakarta with its capital city named Wates. But it’s not only the location that is interesting and also quite strategic. But of course what is no less interesting is the tourist destination in Kulon Progo district. Some tourist destinations that tourists can find in spending and also spending vacation time include tourist destinations with the theme of beauty and also the charm of the beach;

Glagah Beach

It is a tourist attraction that has been famous or known by tourists from various regions. Glagah Beach itself is a beach that has a border with the Indian Ocean. The location of Glagah Beach itself is forty kilometers from the center of Yogyakarta, while from the capital Wates it is only about fifteen kilometers. Not only domestically or locally, Glagah Beach is also quite famous from abroad or abroad.

Trisik Beach

It also has interesting things and is also famous for its natural scenery. However, this Trisik Beach has its own uniqueness from its beauty, namely the expanse of the wide beach which has black sand. This beach also has a border with the estuary of the Progo River which is one of the largest rivers in Yogyakarta. On this beach, visitors can also find many fishing boats that have been done for a long time. So that it is not only the uniqueness and beauty of the coastal scenery, but also the opportunity to know the daily activities of fishermen who transit after catching fish.

Congot Beach

Located in a location adjacent to Glagah Beach. So usually the tourists are better off taking the time to visit the beach congot. The exact location is in Jaangkaran Village, Temon District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta. The striking thing about this congot beach is that there is a center for the activities of fishermen and also local residents such as Glagah Beach. Both the fishermen who are fixing the boat, to sewing nets. So that this is the main attraction as a tourist destination on Congot Beach.

In addition to tourist destinations that enjoy the scenery and also the beauty of the typical beach panorama with its nuances. Other tourist destinations that are no less interesting include;

Sermo Reservoir

It is one of the tourist attractions that is a source of pride for residents in Kulon Progo. This reservoir is located on a hill in the village of Hargowilis, Kokap, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. With its beautiful scenery and cool air, it is one of the attractions for tourists who like or enjoy being in nature. Not only does it function as a supporter in the agricultural business, the beauty of its natural panorama makes this reservoir continue to develop until now into a tourist attraction that should not be missed while in Kulon Progo district, Yogyakarta.

Grodogan Sewu Waterfall

They are located in two locations other than Kulon Progo, namely in Karang Anyar district, Central Java. Although the Grodogan Sewu waterfall is still relatively empty of visitors because it was just developed as a tourist spot around 2013, the charming and beautiful scenery certainly shouldn’t be missed. To fill the holidays on the weekends, both with your partner’s family and friends, of course this tourist destination becomes an exciting tourist destination.

Thus the tourist attractions in Kulon Progo that should not be missed when visiting there

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