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Farmville 2 Village Tour is a game application for android. This game is quite popular with many people in the world. How come? Apart from sharpening your brain skills, this game can also generate income if you play online with other people. However, whatever it is, do you know the inspiration for this game? None other than the existence of several tourist villages that are now emerging, especially in Indonesia, which incidentally is an agricultural country with high agricultural land. Which tourist village is it? This is the description.

Nglanggeran Tourism Village

This tourist village is located in Patuk, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. In early 2017, this place was awarded as the best tourist village in Indonesia and received appreciation from the ASEAN level in Singapore. What makes this village the best tourist village? It turns out, apart from the natural beauty that exists in the village, it is the life of the local community that makes this village the best tourist village. The Nglanggeran people work together to improve their economy by promoting several tourist centers, such as ancient volcanoes, reservoirs, and Kedungkandang waterfall. Not only that, the local community also promotes chocolate cultivation, fattening Etawa goats, and managing homestays.

Munduk Tourism Village

This tourist village is located in Banjar, Buleleng Regency, North Bali. Declared as a tourist village because the scenery is really beautiful. Because it is located at an altitude, this place provides a natural dish with cool mountain air. No wonder many tourists come to this place just to unwind and get a fresh mind. The expanse of clove plantations, coffee and cocoa plantations is clearly visible in front of the eyes. Every morning, local people flock to gardening with radiant faces. Not to mention that people’s houses that still seem far apart give the impression of calm, peace, and quiet.

Not only these two villages, in Indonesia there are still several tourist villages that are recognized by the world for their beauty, elegance, and community wisdom in managing their villages. For example, the tourist village of Importantsari, Sleman, Yogyakarta, which presents a stretch of rice fields and coconut trees. Like other areas in Sleman, the people in this village also depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Even so, they still keep the environment beautiful, cool, and can even improve the community’s economy because it is visited by many tourists.

Some examples of these tourist villages seem to provide inspiration in the world of technology. The inventors of the game created a game by taking the theme of the world of agriculture, friendship, and the joy that radiated from the residents in the tourist village that they packaged in such a way. Farming activities, adventures to collect rare items, raising livestock, making recipes, to buying and selling are practiced in the form of animation. The form of the game is FarmVille 2.

Because it was created so that it can be applied to an Android smartphone, anyone can play it whenever and wherever they are, even without an internet connection. Another plus of this game is that you can play it with friends all over the world online and get the benefits of buying and selling. In essence, in this game, you seem to be carrying out real life activities, whether fishing, exploring, building a farm, harvesting agricultural products, gardening, traveling, to buying and selling and chatting with other people around the world. Quite unique and curious, right? Well, if you are interested, immediately learn, download, and play with friends the Farmville 2 Village Tour application.

Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana or also often called Monkey Forest Ubud is one of the leading tourist attractions in Bali. As the name implies, this place is a forest filled with various species of trees and hundreds of monkeys. Besides monkeys, in this tourist spot in the village of Padangtegal, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, there are three ancient temples because they are more than five centuries old. As

Public facilities

In this place, there are several public facilities that have been provided, ranging from a large and shady parking area and free of charge, clean toilets, to several stalls selling various kinds of Balinese souvenirs. From the parking area, the location of the forest gate is quite close, so you don’t have to walk far to enter it.

Natural Scenery in the Forest

As soon as you get out of the parking lot, you will be immediately greeted with a very large statue of a mother monkey, as big as a gorilla. The statue that stands on the Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana monument is surrounded by several small monkey statues playing and sticking to the monument.

After passing this statue, you will enter a forest gate in the form of a small building with a pyramid roof. At the top of this building there is a mustaka. In this place, you have to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 50,000 for adults and IDR 40,000 for children aged 3-12 years. Pretty cheap, right?

Once you enter the forest, various species of trees will welcome you. In this place, there are at least 115 species of trees, ranging from large tall trees to small and short. No wonder you can immediately feel the fresh air typical of the forest here.

The deeper you go, you will find a dragon and monkey statue that has a very beautiful and detailed architecture. This statue stands on the edge of a circular pond. Usually, this place is the most preferred spot for visitors to capture their visit. From this place, you can visit three temples which are divided into three different paths. The three temples are Pura Agung Dalem as the main temple in the middle of the forest, Pura Beji which is in the northwest, and Pura Prajapati where the Ngaben ceremony is held.

Long Tailed Ape Aggression

Apart from trees, this forest is also inhabited by hundreds of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis). At least, there are 340 macaques which are divided into four groups and dominate in different areas. The monkeys in this place are quite aggressive. Some of them even block visitors to ask for “taxes”. However, although aggressive, the monkeys in this place are quite smart and “polite”. They will only ask for taxes from visitors who do provide food for them, even though the food is tightly hidden in a bag.

For visitors who do not bring food, there is no need to worry because they will not be disturbed at all. They also will not steal or take visitors’ belongings such as glasses or other items. However, you should always be on guard by storing all your belongings. Also, don’t ever hit the monkeys here because it will provoke other monkeys to attack you.

To be able to enjoy all the natural beauty in this forest can’t be done in a hurry. Because, you have to travel quite a distance to be able to achieve all the advantages of this tourist spot. Not surprising, because the total area of ​​this forest reaches 27 hectares. So, prepare your stamina before traveling to Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana.

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