Hera are 5 Culinary Travel Tips to Save a Budget

There are many destinations that people spend on vacation, some of them to learn about culture and history, recreation in nature, and what is no less famous is culinary tourism for good food.

But many associate culinary tourism with a “bloated budget” or a “burnt wallet”.

In this article, you will get tips on how to save on your expenses while trying the typical food of your destination city.

5 ways to go culinary tourism on a budget for food lovers

The first step to enjoying a variety of cuisines but within the right budget is proper planning.

Of course, in the city there is a special culinary spread in many restaurants. The number of restaurants in the city is not small, there are hundreds to thousands of restaurants.

Therefore, before visiting the city, we recommend that you rank the restaurants you want to visit, be it based on popularity, distance or food prices.

Have a budget in every departure

Before you go on vacation, make sure you have a budget for each expense, for example a budget for transportation, a budget for consumption or a budget for housing.

This budget is usually an estimate of the expenses that you need and that you can afford to spend on each need.

Once you have a budget, it’s a good idea to make the most of it.

For example, you have some money for cooking, so allocate well how much you have to spend eating at restaurants that you can spend on buying special snacks etc.

Using the budget as much as possible also greatly affects your expenses.

Check out a review and create a bucket list

Of course, having a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t try the delicious traditional cuisine. When planning a visit to your restaurant, check restaurant reviews through restaurant apps like TripAdvisor or Zomato.

In order not to be disappointed, find a restaurant with a lot of reviews. The more reviews, the more people have tried the restaurant. Especially if most people give good reviews, the restaurant is worth your visit.

You can also see pictures of foods that are often ordered by the guests who come, most likely the food is the typical food of the restaurant or the most delicious food in the restaurant.

Instead of looking at the opinions of thousands of restaurants, you should make a comprehensive list of the restaurants you will visit.

After compiling a restaurant bucket list, you then have to compile a bucket list that you will order. With a well-structured plan, you can estimate your expenses and the budget you have to save.

Check prices first

Knowing the price of food before visiting a restaurant can help you save your budget. Of course, you will run out of time moving restaurants just because the price of food is out of your budget.

By checking the food price in advance, you can choose a restaurant whose food prices are not expensive and you can enjoy the food freely.

You can check food prices through the Go-Food app or through the Zomato app where there is a full menu with prices.

Look for a cheaper alternative, for example one bowl of ginger in a restaurant, of course the price is cheaper than the price on the side of the road or at home. Look for places that serve the same food at a lower price.

Hunt Discount Promo

Don’t be proud to join the discount program to save you money when you are on a culinary vacation. Cutting edge technology has made it easy for you to access social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter from anywhere.

Most restaurants or restaurants will use social media to promote their business. Through this social media, you can search for promotions or discounts to save costs.

Don’t forget to follow Instagram or Facebook in the area, there may be discounts in the local area.

Not only through social media, you can also search for promotions through online payment systems.

Since it is still under development, online payment service providers often offer discounts to customers if you use these facilities.

Bring yourselves drinking water

When you eat food, of course you also need a drink. Of course, for those of you who are foodies, you know that you can enjoy the authenticity of food if you eat it with water.

Although drinks only range from 5,000 rupees to 25,000 rupees per cup, you can save about half if you buy drinking water from stores rather than restaurants.

For example, one bottle of mineral water sold in a mini market for 2,000 rupees can be sold in a restaurant for 5,000 rupees. Although they are small, if we put them together, the number will certainly be large.

But remember, before bringing your own drinking water, pay attention to restaurant regulations, as some restaurants forbid you to bring drinks or food from outside.

A culinary experience on a budget

Bogor is one of the cities with culinary diversity, you can prepare 150,000 rupees for a day which is entirely used for different meals as well as food souvenirs.

Start searching for information about foods and restaurants that you must try in Bogor and make travel plans. In Bogor, most of the specialties are in Jalan Surya Kencana.

The morning, of course, is the time to savor the typical Bogor breakfast. The first food is Cungkring Breakfast which is located in Jalan Surya Kencana. Cungkring’s breakfast became the first food because his supplies were quickly running out.

After breakfast, while walking the streets full of cultural diversity, you can enjoy Sate Sumsum and Kidney Pak Oo.

For lunch, you can enjoy Kikil Bakso from Pak Jaka or Soto Kuning Bogor accompanied by Pala Ice at Bu Aisyah which has been around since 1943.

In the afternoon, you can go to Jalan Sudirman for a taste of Toge Goreng Hj. A typical home of the city of Bogor or Asinan Mrs. Yeni in Jalan Bina Marga.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t bring a souvenir from Bogor, the venus unyil bread at Jalan Pajajaran No 1.

When you want to go back to your home country, you can taste Soto Mie Bogor which can be found in every corner of the city.


Finding information about culinary specialties in your destination city can help you save time and money. You can also plan your trip so that every time and expenses you have can be used to the fullest.

Therefore, you should look for information about the location, prices and menus to try before visiting the place.

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