Newest & Most Hits Tourist Attractions in Papua to Visit

This is the Recommendation for the Best Tourist Attractions in Papua Province. Newest, Current, Most Beautiful & Most Hits Interesting Nature Tourism Destinations Explored for Exciting and Exciting Vacations.

Papua has tourist attractions with a beauty that seems to never run out to visit. The beauty of the land and the sea is always amazing for visitors. In addition to this paradise-like natural beauty, Papua is also still maintaining its local wisdom to this day. This is what makes Indonesia’s easternmost island very special.

If you plan to go to Papua, here is a list of tourist attractions that can be used as a reference for your best vacation.

Raja Ampat

This famous tourist spot is a dream place for all nature lovers in Indonesia. Raja Ampat has 4 small islands that surround it. This place has a wealth of marine life that is very much and beautiful. Therefore this place is a place that is visited by many foreign tourists.

When diving in the Raja Ampat sea, you will find thousands of species of fish and many turtles in this sea. According to several studies in the Raja Ampat sea, 75% of the world’s marine biota species are on this island.

Cendrawasih Bay National Park

This National Park is a conservation area guarded by the government. This Papuan conservation area has the largest area in Indonesia, with an area of ​​1,453,500 hectares.

In Cendrawasih Bay you will find an amazing underwater natural wealth. There are hundreds of types of fish, hundreds of types of mollusks, besides that there are turtles, turtles, and even sharks and dolphins that will accompany you while diving into the beautiful sea of ​​Cendrawasih Bay, Papua.

Lorentz National Park

This national park is the largest park in Southeast Asia. This park with an area of ​​2.4 million hectares will make you won’t stop admiring the beauty of God on this island. This park is designated as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

This National Park has a glacier in the middle of the tropics which is only owned by three regions in the world and one of them is the Lorentz Papua National Park. In addition to the natural beauty you will also enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna in this park.

Lake Habema

Lake Habema or also known as Lake Yuginopa. This beautiful lake earned the nickname lake above the clouds because it is located at an altitude of 3,225 meters above sea level. From the height of this lake you can see many types of eccentric birds that you can only see on this island.

The green meadows around this lake add a very amazing impression to this lake. In addition, the snowy mountain backround is also the main attraction in this lake.

Paniai Lake

Lake Paniai is known as the most beautiful lake in the region. The area of ​​this lake is about 14,500 hectares. Where on this lake has a very beautiful sunset with a backdrop of fishing boats starting to return home. This beautiful jam lake is a lake that has the largest freshwater fish in Papua.

You can also go fishing with the women of the Mee and Moni tribes near this lake. The facilities provided at this lake are food stalls, boat rental and fishing equipment rentals, guard posts and others. The lake is also surrounded by cliffs and hills that add to the beauty of this lake.

Lake Idenberg

The beauty of this lake you have to walk for two hours. The lake, which is located in the Jayawijaya mountain area, has an extraordinary charm. With an altitude of 4,313 meters above sea level you can feel the magical beauty of this lake.

In addition to the beauty of the lake, around the lake is surrounded by white rock cliffs. This beautiful natural sight makes you enchanted and doesn’t want to leave this place.

Uter Lake

Uter Lake is a favorite place for tourists. In addition to the clear water, you can reflect on the surface of the lake water. You can bathe and soak in this lake surrounded by green trees.

Local residents have not managed this place well, but facilities in the form of parking spaces have been provided in this place. So that this place is still lacking in visitors, if you come you will feel like having this lake alone.

bosnik beach

The beach is surrounded by coconut trees around it. This charming beach is always crowded. Besides being beautiful, you only need to pay Rp. 10,000 to enter this beach area.

This Bosnik Beach is highly recommended for a vacation with family. This beach provides a typical Papuan culinary place around the beach.

Amai Beach

This beach which provides tranquility for its visitors is in great demand for those who want to spend time relaxing with friends. To enjoy the beauty of the beach in a quiet atmosphere you can visit on weekdays.

This beach provides several facilities, namely there is a gazebo, beautiful stilt houses around the beach. You can also play volleyball, swim and snorkel around this beach.

Base-G Beach

This beach is one of the locations with a historical story that was once a base camp for World War II troops by the allies. This beach is very clean and safe, because it has been well maintained and managed by local residents.

In addition to the beauty around this beach, you can rent a hut as a place to rest. There are also food stalls that will give you typical Papuan food around this beach.

Gedo Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Nabire Village. Gedo Beach is a very amazing beach with the beauty of the sea and white sand. The sea water of this beach is very clear and blue.

In addition to the beach, around this area there is also a park for children to play. So if the weather is very hot you can bring the children to play in the park around this beach.

Sauwandarek Tourism Village

In this tourist area you can meet and witness the activities of indigenous people who live on the coast near this village. This village is still the territory of Raja Ampat.

This tourist village has traditional housing made of wood and thatch. In addition, around this tourist village there is a lake that can be used for swimming and relaxing on the edge of the lake.

Belim Valley

The valley with an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level is the residence of the Dani, Lani and Yali tribes where these tribes are native Papuans. The temperature around this valley reaches around 15 degrees Celsius at night.

In this unique valley, you can see indigenous Papuan tribes wearing tassel skirts and koteka. You can also watch traditional Papuan music performances that can captivate your heart when you visit.

Jokowi Hill

This beautiful hill was given the name Jokowi hill when President Jokowi began monitoring the development of this tourist spot in 2014. This hill originally had the name Skyline Hill.

From the top of this hill, where you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the island of Papua. Enjoy the sunset and many more interesting photo spots on this hill.

Rumberpom Island

On Rumberpom Island there is a beach known as the Long Sand Beach. Where the activities that are commonly carried out around this island are snorkeling, diving, fishing and swimming.

In addition, there is a mangrove forest where the deer birds live in this tree. Many tourists come to visit the island’s mangrove forests to see these birds.

Mansinam Island

This religious island tour is a place for the spread of Protestant Christianity in Papua. In addition to the beach whose beauty is incomparable, on this small island there is also a statue of Jesus Christ that is large and tall like a giant.

This small island is located in Manokwari. This place is always used as a place of celebration for major events of the Protestant Christian religion in Papua.

MacArthur Monument

This monument is also called the memorial monument given to General Douglas MacArthur. The place of this monument is also available a museum that stores historical stories.

This monument has a height of approximately 3 meters. Yellow and white. This monument is a historic symbol in Papua.

Biak Island

This island is located around Cendrawasih Bay. On Biak Island you can visit Amoi village which is one of the tourist destinations on this island. In addition, on the island of Biak there is also an orchid garden with various types.

There is a bird sanctuary that has a large collection. In addition, this small island also stores a variety of rare flora and fauna. For example, there is a semar bag that is able to catch mice.

Mount Cristensz

This mountain is a mountain with the highest peak in Indonesia. With an altitude of 4,884 meters above sea level, you can enjoy eternal snow on this peak.

To climb the mountain, known as Puncak Jaya, you need to prepare a lot of budget for security equipment.

Bihewa Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Nabire district. This waterfall is very clear and beautiful. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 40 meters before meeting directly with the natural beauty of Papua.

There is a pool where the water comes from a waterfall. Bathing in this pool will be very refreshing and make you feel at home in this location.

Karmon Falls

This waterfall, which is located in the Biak forest area, is very popular because the water pours down like blooming flowers. Waterfalls that fall with steps because of the cliffs below make this place one of the destinations that are always visited.

Besides being beautiful, this waterfall also doesn’t make you walk far to get there. About 100 meters walk, you will be able to enjoy this amazing natural charm.

Bald Mountain

This mountain is surrounded directly by the blue sea of ​​Papua. This mountain is known as the bald mountain because there are no tall trees around these mountains. The beautiful panorama of the blue sea with mountains filled with green grass will make your photos very good.

This stunning place has always been a destination for tourists other than Raja Ampat. This place is perfect for finding a vacation and spending the night with your adventurous friends.

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