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Tourist Attractions in Samarinda

Tourist attractions in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, are one of the many tourist destinations in Indonesia that offer unforgettable beauty and charm. Samarinda, which is located on the island of Borneo, provides several choices of charming tourist destinations to visit, such as:

Seven Exciting Tourist Destinations in Samarinda

Kumala Island

Kumala Island is one of the tourist destinations in Samarinda that offers cultural nuanced holidays. At this location there are several buildings that describe the customs of Kalimantan. In addition, there are also several rides, such as cable cars, mini trains, and merry-go-rounds. If you visit Kumala Island, you can take advantage of some of these rides to get around.

Samarinda Islamic Center Mosque

The mosque, which incidentally is a place of worship for Muslims, can also be an attractive tourist destination with a religious nuance. In Samarinda, the Islamic Center Mosque is one of the interesting tourist destinations to visit. Inspired by the building of the Haghia Sophia mosque in Turkey, the Islamic Center Mosque has a large patterned dome, the main tower is 99 meters high which depicts Asmaul Husna, six small towers that symbolize the pillars of faith, and 33 steps to the main floor depicting beads of prayer beads.

Samarinda Weaving Village

The quality of fabric from Samarinda is unquestionable. Well, when visiting Samarinda, it’s a loss if you don’t visit the location of the woven fabric. At the Samarinda Weaving Village, you can get a tourist atmosphere as well as add insight to the typical Samarinda woven fabric which is identical to its plaid motif.

Wet Rice Island

Not only the richness of culture and artificial tourism that is owned by Samarinda. Samarinda also offers exciting tourist destinations through its natural wealth, namely wet rice beaches. On this wet rice beach you will find towering unused. From above you can see how beautiful Rice Wet Island is. Not only presenting a stretch of white sand, Beras Basah Island also spoils the eyes with the beauty of its very clear beach water, so you can see how rich the ocean and the life below it are.

Pampang Cultural Village

The Pampang Cultural Village is inhabited by the Dayak Kenyah community. Visiting the Pampang Cultural Village is the same as entering yourself into the very thick Dayak Kenyah cultural atmosphere. Usually every Sunday an art performance will be held in the lamina or village meeting building. What’s interesting about this show is, on that day all residents will wear clothes according to their customs. In addition, you can also be satisfied to enjoy the thick Dayak Kenyah culture through the architecture of the building.

Crocodile Breeding Park

Maybe you are a reptile lover, when you visit Samarinda, visiting the Crocodile Farm Tourism Park is an exciting step. Here you can witness firsthand three types of crocodiles, including the Siamese crocodile, the estuarine crocodile, and the crocodile crocodile. This crocodile breeding location is in Pulau Atas Village, Makroman Village, Palaran District.

Sarong Craft Center

If you are not satisfied with visiting the Samarinda Weaving Village, try to set your feet at the Sarong Craft Center located in the Bugis village, Baka Mosque Village, Samarinda Seberang. Here you can find out firsthand the process of making the famous samarinda sarong.

That’s a tourist spot in Samarinda that offers a variety of nuances, ranging from culture, nature, to religion.

Derawan Island

Located in East Kalimantan, this island has some amazing tourist attractions. There is an 18 meter long rock 10 meters below sea level, the Blue Tigger Wall, one of the best for diving.

Not only that, swimming with jellyfish is also another main attraction. Snorkeling or diving will make your vacation even more memorable.

Lake Sentarum

Most of the Lake Sentarum area consists of low-grade rainforest and large peat swamp land. This place is suitable for seeing several types of flora and fauna with unusual views.

The location is in West Kalimantan with an area of ​​132,000 hectares. During the rainy season, this place will look like a forest that is submerged in water.

It’s different again during the dry season, all you will see is a field with forest, there is only a little water. Very unique!

Tanjung Puting National Park

This National Park is one of the best national parks and home to orangutans. They seem to often hang from tree to tree. The area is about 415,040 hectares. You can do various fun activities here.

There is the Sekonyer River which can be surrounded by transportation such as a ship, the name klotok. During the trip, you can observe orangutans hanging around.

There are also leopards, deer, and other adorable animals. Towards the afternoon, the view of the Sekonyer River is more beautiful because of the reflection of the sunset.

Kakaban Island

Still one unit with Derawan Island, Kakaban Island has an area of ​​774.2 hectares. The most famous thing about this island is the beautiful lake in the middle of the island, Kakaban Lake.

Lake Kakaban is home to beautiful and non-toxic jellyfish, so you can dive while enjoying the beauty of this island. There are two types of jellyfish, namely gold and moon. Very cool!

Dark Hill

Bukit Kelam is located between two major rivers, the Melawi River and the Kapuas River. This hill in West Kalimantan is actually a rock.

To get here, you can use the land route with a distance of 400 kilometers from Pontianak City and the air route with the Pontianak to Sintang route. You can also climb this Dark Hill.

There are two ways you can do if you want to climb, namely through the stairs that have been provided or actually climbing independently. The view of the sunrise is so beautiful that it will pay for your tiredness during the hike.

Labuan Cermin Lake

This one tourist destination is managed by the surrounding community with assistance from the Regional Community Institution. This water tourism destination is located in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan.

It takes more effort to reach it, because you have to rent a boat from the dock. But calm down, when you arrive at Labuan Cermin Lake, all your tiredness will immediately pay off.

This lake has very clear water, you can even see the bottom directly. On the surface, the lake water tastes salty and fresh at the bottom. That’s why it is often referred to as the lake of two flavors. Don’t forget to snorkel!

Muara Kuin Floating Market

It doesn’t feel right if you go on vacation to Kalimantan without visiting the traditional market typical of Kalimantan, the Muara Kuin Floating Market. It is located on the Barito River at the mouth of the Kuin River, Banjarmasin.

This market operates every day starting at 09.00. You can shop by using a wooden motor boat. Not only produce that you can buy at the Muara Kuin Floating Market, there are also many souvenirs and culinary specialties of Banjarmasin.

Melawai Beach

Although the beach water tends to be dirty, the sunset view at Melawai Beach is known to be very beautiful. The location is near the center of Balikpapan City with a travel time of about 10 minutes.

Rimpi Hill

Rimpi Hill is located in Tampang Village, Pelaihari City, South Kalimantan, it is often referred to as Teletubies Hill, because of the towering shape of the hill. You will be amazed by the vast and enchanting expanse of meadows.

This hill can be the best choice to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. The entry ticket is cheap, four-wheeled vehicles are only charged Rp. 10 thousand and Rp. 5,000 for motorbikes.

Mahakam Sungai River

If you want to see freshwater dolphins or porpoises, the Mahakam River is the place you must visit. The Mahakam is the longest river in East Kalimantan and is the main backbone of the surrounding community.

About 920 kilometers long, this river flows from West Kutai Regency in the upstream, to East Kutai Regency and Samarinda City in the downstream. You can wade through the river to see various types of big fish.

Those are some of the leading tourist destinations in Kalimantan that can be your exciting vacation recommendations. Which one do you want to visit first?

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