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MGo Travel Bandung – Bandung city is one of the cities which is the capital city of West Java Province. Bandung is also the largest metropolitan city in West Java Province. In addition, Bandung is also a city that is a tourist spot and also a city of education. The city which has the third largest population after Jakarta and Surabaya is a city that has earned the nickname Paris Van Java or the city of Paris which is located in Java. Because in Bandung there are a lot of beautiful flowers and trees that make this city more beautiful, this city is often referred to as the city of flowers.

In Bandung, there are also many well-known malls and also Factory Outlets (FO) which are used as places for shopping for residents of Bandung and its surroundings. In Bandung itself there are also many tourist places that can be visited. Of course, these tourist spots are also very famous. But now, apart from natural tourism, historical tourism, and culinary tourism, one of the most favorite tourist attractions for residents of Bandung and its surroundings is shopping tourism. Because this city is known as Paris Van Java, then no doubt in this city you can find various kinds of shopping centers that you can visit one by one to satisfy your shopping desire.

Dago Point Bandung

As many people know that Dago Bandung is the center of tourist destinations in Bandung. This most updated area also continues to be a trend and is the first place for the emergence of the latest fashions in Indonesia. Not only is Dago Bandung now a favorite for the people of Bandung and its surroundings, but since the Dutch colonial era, this place has also become a favorite place for native Dutch people. So it is not strange if Dago Bandung still has many Dutch buildings.

Towards the weekend, the Dago area is always crowded with visitors, whether they just want to walk, shop, or just go out with friends. Along Dago Street, there are lots of Factory Outlets, which of course would be a shame to pass up. On Jalan Dago you can find various kinds of restaurants, banks, cafes, hotels, and so on. So when you are here you will feel satisfied.

MGo Travel Bandung

If you want it to be easier to visit and surround the city of Bandung, you can use online transportation which is now widely used in other big cities. One that you can use is MGo Travel Bandung which was formerly named Cipaganti. The rates provided are also the same as other general transportation rates, according to the intended direction, and includes insurance for raharja services.

Because this travel service is an online service, every passenger is required to have a ticket in the form of a valid transportation document in the form of a computer ticket, printed ticket, or other form that has been determined to be a ticket. By using MGo Bandung, you can change the departure schedule 6 hours before the set departure time. So that it will make you feel more comfortable if you experience something urgent. You can find it on Dago Street, Surapati Street, Soekarno Hatta Street, and others.

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Cheap Transportation Jakarta; Baraya Travel Jakarta Bandung

Baraya travel Jakarta Bandung – the capital city of West Java province is Bandung. Bandung is a city that always attracts domestic and foreign tourists with nature tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, culinary tourism, and also the most popular with tourists is shopping tourism. The city becomes very crowded and congested on weekends and holidays or during school holidays.

Bandung Tourism

There are many tourist attractions in Bandung, making this city one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia. Here are Bandung tourist attractions that are very popular among tourists:

Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Mount Tangkuban Perahu is one of the famous tourist attractions in Bandung and is a unique volcano because the shape of the mountain is like an overturned boat. Mount Tangkuban Perahu is a Bandung tourist spot which is famous for its folk legend, namely Sangkuriang. Mount Tangkuban Perahu has 2 craters, namely Ratu Crater which is the largest crater and Domas Crater which you can use to boil eggs until cooked.

Ciwidey White Crater

White Crater Ciwidey of course is familiar to your ears, this one tourist spot is very popular. Especially among nature lovers. As the name suggests, the White Crater of Ciwidey is a volcanic crater complete with a unique soil color that is white. The white color of this soil is due to the presence of sulfur in the soil. In addition, this Bandung tourist spot also has another uniqueness, namely the presence of the crater water that always changes color.

Star Peak

The location at the peak of the Bandung Star is not far from the city center. Here you can enjoy the natural scenery with an atmosphere that is still very fresh, besides that you can also enjoy views of the city of Bandung and its surroundings from above. And is the most fitting place to be able to enjoy the view of the city of Bandung from a height.

Fashion House Factory Outlet

Since 2000, there have been many factory outlets in Bandung, so that Bandung is also known as the city of Factory Outlets. And one of the most famous is the Fashion House. Rumah Mode provides a wide range of export goods with good brands and low prices.

Baraya Travel

Its location which is quite close to the city of Jakarta makes this city a destination for people from both the capital and outside the city. This is of course also much easier since the construction of the Cipularang Toll Road which can speed up your journey from Jakarta to Bandung in only about 2 to 3 hours. The means of transportation provided to get to the city of Bandung are also not small, now there are lots of means of transportation that you can use to get to Bandung easily. You can use trains, intercity buses, and even travel.

One of them is Baraya Travel. Baraya Travel is one of the many travel companies that also provides transportation services from Jakarta to Bandung using a shuttle bus, in the midst of the many travel industries that exist today due to the construction of the Cipularang toll road from 2004 ago. Baraya travel is also a travel company that provides low prices among other Jakarta-Bandung travel companies.

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