Visit these 10 Romantic Tourist Places in Medan and Penang

Romantic tourist attractions in Medan are certainly a destination for tourists, especially for couples who are in love. How come? The beauty of the couple’s relationship will be more intimate when visiting romantic tourist spots. Well, for those of you who are looking for this place in the Medan area, here are some recommended places that you can visit.

Lake Toba

Of course you are already familiar with the name of this tourist spot. The fame of this place cannot be doubted. Not only local tourists, from foreign countries also really favor this place. In addition to the beautiful scenery around the lake, the clarity of the blue water provides serenity for every visitor. Even more unique, in the middle of the lake there is an island with an area of ​​645 square km called Samosir Island. In addition to staying and enjoying the view from inside the hotel around the lake, you can also do activities with your partner by the lake, such as relaxing cycling, swimming, water sports, or exploring the lake by boat.

Samosir Island

As previously mentioned, in the middle of Lake Toba there is an island called Samosir Island. This island is also no less beautiful than Lake Toba around it. The natural scenery that is still beautiful is the most prominent attraction in this place, especially for couples. This tourist spot which has an altitude of 1,000 km above sea level also offers various kinds of art and culture typical of the Batak Tribe, ranging from clothes, accessories, to woven fabrics. And, what you shouldn’t miss is visiting Tuktuk, which is a stopover area between two islands, namely Samosir and Sumatra.

Sibolangit Lake Waterfall

For those of you and your partner who like the atmosphere of waterfalls, in Medan there is also a very beautiful waterfall. In addition to offering the beauty of water that descends from a height, the Telaga Sibolangit waterfall also offers its own uniqueness, namely the existence of two colors of water, white and blue. White color produces warm water, while blue color produces cold water.

Sibolangit Nature Reserve

You and your partner want to travel in a beautiful place with a cool natural atmosphere? Sibolangit nature reserve is the place to be. Because, when you are in this place, you will immediately feel the fresh air, as well as peace of mind. It is located only 40 km from the city of Medan, you can take approximately one hour. The length of the trip will be paid off with the peace of mind and romance that you will get with your partner in this place.

Hillpark Sibolangit

For your sons and daughters, there is a suitable tourist spot for them, Hillpark Sibolangit. In this place, your baby will be satisfied playing in the park and trying various rides provided, from Kora-kora, Ferris wheel, to roller coaster. Seeing your baby happy is certainly a joy for you and your partner, right?


Another tourist spot in Medan that offers romance, namely Cypinus. In this place, from a height, you and your partner can enjoy the natural beauty of hills, sea, and mountains in one glance. Not to mention the view of Sibandang Island and Muara City, adding to the exoticism of this place. This place is very worthy for you to visit with your partner to enjoy togetherness.

It’s really interesting, isn’t it? So, immediately invite your partner to enjoy various romantic tourist attractions in Medan.

The 4 Most Favorite Tourist Attractions in Penang

There are many tourist attractions in Penang. No wonder this city in Malaysia has become a tourist destination. Of the many tourist attractions, there are some of the most favorite places. Many tourists who spend their holidays to these places. Want to know which tourist attractions it is? Here is the full description.

Penang Hill

Penang Hill is also often called the Flag Hill. As the name suggests, this place is a hilly area. The stunning scenery around the hill makes this place the most visited by Indonesian tourists. Not only offers natural beauty, this place also provides more sensation for visitors. To be able to reach the top of the hill, you have to drive a train that is very uniquely designed, which has a slope of about 45o, adjusted to the slope of the hill. Besides being treated to an amazingly beautiful view, during the trip you will also pass through a tunnel. It takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. A unique holiday experience of course. Arriving at the top, even more beautiful scenery will welcome your arrival. In addition, there is also a cafe and a unique owl museum. To be able to ride this train, you are only charged 30 Ringgit only.

Penang Bridge

Penang Bridge is a bridge that is uniquely designed and has become an icon of Malaysia. Besides being named as one of the longest bridges in the world, Penang Bridge is now also a national tourist destination. The bridge with a length of more than 13.5 km that connects Seberang Prai in Malaysia with Bayan Lepas on Penang Island does have an important role in the economic, cultural, and social development of Malaysia.

Sri Mahamatiamman Temple

This temple is one of the world’s tourists’ attention because it is the oldest Hindu temple in Penang. The excitement of ancient Indian cultural ornaments that are widely available in this temple makes every eye will be amazed. To enter this place, you do not need to pay for a ticket or it is free. In fact, you are also welcome to take pictures from all angles in this temple.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Apart from having Hindu temples, in Penang there are also Buddhist temples which are also famous, even the largest in Southeast Asia. The unique architecture of adopting temples in Thailand mixed with the complexity of intricate Chinese ornaments, makes this place really worth visiting. Even more unique, this temple stands at the top of Bukit Kwok San, Air Itam, which of course offers beautiful views of the hills. Similar to Sri Mahamtiamman Temple, there is no entry fee at all in this temple. However, if you want to enter the Pagoda which is located in this temple area, you will only be charged about 2 Ringgit. In this place there is something even more unique, namely the Tree of Hope. The myth is, if you hang a ribbon of hope that you can buy for 2 ringgit on one of the branches on the tree, surely your wishes written on the ribbon will come true. For example, on the ribbon there is the words “beauitiful and good-looking” then your wish to be beautiful can come true. Wow…, makes you curious, doesn’t it?

Those are four favorite places for Indonesian tourists in Penang. Actually, not only that, there are still several other tourist attractions such as Plaza Gurney, Fort Cornwallis, Penang Toy Museum, and Queensbay Mall. All these places will give you its own uniqueness. It’s a loss if you are already in Malaysia but don’t visit one of the tourist attractions in Penang

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