12 Magical Natural Resorts In Malang East Java

Malang is already known as one of the tourist cities in East Java with its cool weather. No wonder, if Malang has so many interesting natural attractions to visit. If you are confused about where to start, Traveloka has summarized 13 natural attractions in Malang that you must visit. In this way, you can enjoy the natural coolness of this apple city. anywhere, huh? Come on, see the review!

Pine Cave or Goa PInus

Do you want to visit a different nature tour? Just come to Goa Pinus in Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Batu district. Before reaching the cave site, you have to trek through hills surrounded by pine forests. This row of pine forests offers an amazing view and is ideal for those who love to take pictures.

In some regions there are also flyers with no less amazing offers. If you stand at the viewing post, you can see a panoramic view of the green hills. Combined with the cool air, you are guaranteed to feel at home and spend time here. To see the beauty of this nature tour, you need to pay entrance ticket for IDR 5,000 and parking fee for those who bring a car.

Wooden House or Rumah Kayu

In Javanese, omahkayu means wooden house. As the name suggests, the Omah Kayu is a nature tour in the shape of a log house on top of a tree. There are at least six treehouses available, each of which can accommodate up to three people. Per night, you will be charged around IDR 350,000.

Omah Kayu in Jalan Mt. Kathir, Bhumiji, Batu. Located at an altitude of 1340 meters above sea level, this nature tour also offers a clear view of Batu City. Not only that, but the magic of the night in Omah Kayu is even more beautiful with the glow of the city lights. So, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the natural beauty here!

Sumber Sirah Springe or Mata Air Sumber Sirah

In Sumberjaya Village, Gondanglegi, you can find natural attractions in the form of a source of ultra-pure fresh water called Sumber Sirah Spring. It is very clear, you can even see small fishes swimming on the surface of the water and different aquatic plants in it. It is said that the presence of moss plants here is what makes the springs more visible.

Also, if you’re interested, you can swim or snorkel at Sumber Sirah Springs, you know. If you don’t bring your own gear, don’t worry, there are rentals available around the headwaters. When snorkeling, don’t forget to bring a waterproof camera so that you can capture your various exciting actions underwater! It is best to bring enough cash with you to enjoy all the facilities here.

Coban Rais

About 16 km from the center of Malang City, there is a waterfall that is quite famous in East Java, namely Coban Rais. This approximately 20 meter high waterfall is surrounded by greenery, creating a sight so soothing to the eye. The location is at No. 8 West Ring Road, Dusun Dresel, Batu. To make it easier, you can use a map application on a smartphone.

The fun part is that around the Coban Rais area there are now several interesting places to take photos and enjoy the surrounding scenery. Among them are a heart-shaped vantage point, bikes pedaling in the air, and colorful hammocks for you to choose as the best spots. Would you like to visit it? Don’t forget to prepare IDR 10,000 as entrance ticket to Coban Rais area.

Panderman Mountain or Gunung Panderman

For those of you who want to visit Malang’s natural attractions while testing your adrenaline levels, Mount Panderman can be the right destination. Even for inexperienced climbers, this mountain is considered safe to visit. It is not uncommon for nature lovers to use Mount Panderman as a training and warm-up medium.

It only takes a day to reach the summit at 2,000 meters above sea level. Normally the climbing time only takes about 2-3 hours. Not too long, right? Want a more exciting experience? Try to start climbing early in the morning so you can see the charm of the sunrise at the top of Mount Panderman.

Coban Nirwana

Also known as Coban Mbok Karimah, this waterfall is located in Gedangan area. Compared to other coban in malang, coban nirvana does not have proper facilities yet as it is not officially managed by local tourism office. You should therefore bring some equipment such as mats, provisions or a change of clothes with you.

Still, Coban Nirvana is worth a visit while on vacation. The water is clean and clear with rocks surrounding it giving an exotic feel. If you are interested in visiting it, try to be careful when going to the waterfall. The reason is that the trails available are quite slippery and steep.

Kalireco Baths or Pemandian Kalireco

The Kalireco Baths are not actually an official tourist attraction yet, but rather a bath and irrigation system used by local residents. Considering that the atmosphere is quite cool and has clear water, tourists are starting to come to this natural tour, which is located at Jalan Sumber Waras 2 No. 97, Lawang.

As it is not managed by the tourism agency, the Kalireco Baths do not have proper facilities yet. Rinsing rooms, restaurants and parking spaces are still difficult to find here. Therefore, this tourist place is more suitable for backpackers than for family tourists. You will not be charged for admission to the Kalireco Baths either, only voluntary donations.

Mbehi Beach or Pantai Mbehi

Bali is not the only area in Indonesia that has various exotic beaches. The beaches in Malang also offer views that are no less cool to explore. One of them is Mbehi Beach in Sumberbening Village, Bantur. You only need to drive about 66 km from the center of Malang city.

The main attraction of this beach is a “crater”, a large hole on the edge of a rock that goes straight into the sea surface. Usually, when big waves come, seawater rushes out of the crater hole, creating an interesting phenomenon. Not only that, the sea water at Mbehi Beach is also known for being very clear, so many visitors here often swim and play in the water.

Balekambang Beach or Pantai Balekembang

Another beach not to be missed is Balekambang Beach in Srigonco Village, Bantur. Many people call Balekambang Beach the Malang version of Tanah Lot because there is a temple slightly protruding from the sea called Amerta Jati. To reach it you must first cross the available bridge. Very similar to Tanah Lot, right?

Usually, late afternoon, most people come to Balekambang beach to enjoy the sunset. This beach is known as one of the best sunset spots in Malang. In addition, as the sea recedes, you can also see various exotic coral reefs on the shore. So don’t forget to prepare about Rp. 15,000 as entrance ticket if you are interested in visiting!

Bay of Angels or Teluk Bidadari

At Mbehi Beach, take the time to look past Bidadari Bay, which is still in one area. To reach this place you have to hike about 30-40 minutes from Mbehi Beach to the eastern hill. Since traveling takes a long time, it’s best to bring bottled water with you to keep your stamina up until you reach your destination.

Don’t worry, your tiredness will pay off as soon as you arrive in Bidadari Bay. Here you can see a bay that forms a natural pool. The water is clear blue with a fairly shallow depth, so you can play and swim safely in the water.

Tricolor Beach or Pantai 3 Warna

As the name suggests, the beach at Jalan Sendang Biru, Sumbermanjing has sea water with gradations of three colors namely blue, green and white. This of course creates a unique and enticing view. However, the three colors produced are due to the refraction of sunlight and the plankton vegetation on this beach.

Not only that, Tiga Varna Beach has another attraction in the form of mangrove forests that are located at the mouth of the confluence of the sea and the river. This mangrove forest prevents abrasion while protecting you from the hot sun if you take shelter underneath. Very interesting target, isn’t it?

  1. Wringinanom Tubing Tour

If mountaineering is still not a challenge, try other tourism alternatives such as tubing or body rafting. In fact, tubing is not that different from rafting in general. It’s just that tubing uses tires (tubs) to support your body along with the fast currents of the river. You don’t have to worry about drowning because you will be provided with a life jacket and helmet during your activities.

One of the best places to visit for tubing is the Wringinanom Tubing Tour at Wringinanom Village, Poncokusumo. Interestingly, you will pass the Amprong and Coban Pelangi rivers that flow from Mount Semeru. If you rent your own tires, you will be charged prices that vary depending on the number and distance to be covered.

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