15 Instagrammable Surabaya Tourist Attractions

You wouldn’t think Surabaya has many unique tourist spots, apart from the shopping malls and hero monument which are quite mainstream. So, take a moment to explore the following tourist attractions in Surabaya.

After that, you will definitely be addicted to exploring other exciting places! Check out some of the following tourist attractions in Surabaya.

15 Instagrammable Surabaya Tourist Attractions

  1. Parasamya Purnakarya Nugraha Monument

The Parasamya Punakarya Nugraha Memorial has just been inaugurated by the Governor of East Java on Friday, December 28, 2018. The memorial, which is still in the same area where the Governor’s office is located, is also a marker at the Kilometer Zero Point in Surabaya, the capital city of East Java.

  1. De Javasche Bank

Come on, do you know what is another name for De Javasche Bank Museum in Surabaya? This currency museum is also known as Bank Indonesia Museum. It was opened in 2012, after the restoration was completed.

This museum consists of three floors and displays the history of the banking system in Indonesia. There are three main sections that you can find here. First, the ancient coin collection room, the preservation collection room, and the cultural treasures collection room.

  1. Bacal City Forest

The construction of the Bakal City Forest started in 2008 and now tourists are starting to visit it. However, Surabaya’s echo was not heard equally widely. This open green space is located in Bacal District, Benwo, West Surabaya.

The 13-hectare urban forest is now in a more favorable condition with easy access. There are about seven gazebos for relaxation, playgrounds, flower gardens and fish ponds. There is also a biogas generator powered by goat and cow dung.

  1. The Garden of Light

Many say that Taman Cahaya was deliberately created to compete with Bungkul Park in the heart of Surabaya. Because in terms of infrastructure, the arrangement is great, similar to Bungkul Park. Just this, Taman Cahaya is built with various facilities for sports. Among them are jogging tracks, reflective stone paths, basketball courts, etc.

It is still located in western Surabaya, next to the city forest of Pakal, namely on Jalan Raya Pakal. Construction is still in progress, especially the additional facilities like lights and parking spaces.

  1. Kenjeran Park

Now the face of Kenjeran has completely changed, from what was originally a poorly maintained slum to a tourist staple in Surabaya. The diversity of destinations is getting richer, not just relying on beach tourism. There are now many tour options ranging from water parks and theme parks to historical and culture tours.

In addition, the area at Jalan Sokolelo, Sokolelo Baru Village, Bulak District, Surabaya, now has many beautiful spots to take photos. Among them is an extended lawn garden with lined trees and paddocks. It is not uncommon for this site to be used as a place for commercial photos, such as pre-wedding or fashion needs.

  1. The Four-Faced Buddha

You can also find the Four-Faced Buddha at the corner of Ria Kenjeran Beach. The statue, which is located on an area of 1.5 hectares, was built in 2003. At first glance, this statue looks similar to the design of the Buddha statue in Bangkok, Thailand.

As the name suggests, this 36-meter-high statue is a seated Buddha with four faces facing on all sides. Each of his faces represents the four good qualities of the Buddha, namely generosity, fairness, compassion, and contemplation.

  1. Tian Ti Temple

Tian Ti Pagoda in Kenjeran district has been going strong since 2010 and has become one of the popular tourist attractions there. The pagoda, which is also often called Sky World, was inspired by the design of the Tian Tan Pagoda in Beijing, China. However, this pagoda was deliberately created as a new tourist icon in Surabaya and not for religious ritual events.

Tian Ti Pagoda has three floors, 60 meters in diameter and 58 meters in height. The main construction is made of steel, not wood like the original building. However, it is still possible to get a great impression when viewed up close. You can find them at Jalan Sukolilo Number 100, Sukolilo Baru, Bulak, and Surabaya.

  1. Surabaya Harmony Park

Along with the City of Heroes, Surabaya is also known as the City of a Thousand Gardens, because in almost every corner of the district there are beautiful flower gardens. One of them is Harmony Park at Jalan Keputih Tegal Timur Number 241, Sukolilo, Surabaya. Before it was turned into a park, this area was a squatter dump in the Kibote District.

Taman Harmony already has complete public facilities such as a children’s playground, prayer room and toilets. Apart from taking a stroll to admire the beautiful flower garden, you can take a short walk to the Keputih Bamboo Forest which is still in the same area.

  1. Anyar Mangrove Mountain

When it comes to mangrove tourism in Surabaya, you will definitely remember Wonorejo Mangrove Tourism. Although there are two ecotourism sites in Surabaya, you know! The other is on Mount Anyar.

Almost like ecotourism in the Wonorejo Mangrove, this area about 30 minutes away from Wonorejo is directly managed by the Surabaya City Government. It has a long walking path through the forest.

You can go around the mangrove forest using a fishing boat by paying a fee of IDR 50,000 per person. Location on Jalan Medokan Sawah Timur, Segoro Tambak, Medokan Ayu and Rungkut.

  1. Tanjung Perak Port

Tanjung Perak port is one of the tours in Surabaya, you know. Here, you can relax while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Apart from that, you can also see the state of economic activities of national sea lanes and regional transportation in Indonesia. For those who are coming for the first time, you will surely be amazed by its natural charm and various activities at Tanjung Perak Port.

  1. Bongkol Park

Bungkul Park is one of the popular parks in Surabaya. This garden offers many green plants neatly arranged as well as many complete facilities, such as free Wi-Fi, a yard, a jogging track, a BMX track to a children’s playground.

The security system is very good and Bungkul Park also monitors the activities of the visitors via CCTV. Hygiene is also maintained here, and trash cans are provided with separate types of waste.

  1. Wonorego Nursery

If you’re too late at home, trying different activities at Wonorejo Nursery sounds like fun. You can go cycling, fishing or just enjoying the freshness.

You can also take beautiful photos in several places in Wonorego Nursery. In addition, there are small zoos and small swimming pools that are interesting to visit.


  1. Mangrove and Norego tour

Another Mangrove Tour Wonorejo in Surabaya which is known as the green lung of the city. This area is 200 hectares with beautiful landscapes that are pleasing to the eye.

There are many exciting activities at Mangrove Tour Wonorejo, such as traveling around the site by boat, fishing, and enjoying the most delicious food. The chirping of birds that is always heard as long as you travel here.

  1. Citraland swimming pool and tennis court

The excitement of playing in the water at Citraland’s pool and tennis court is second to none. There is a large water pool here equipped with various exciting slides and rides. If you want to play in the water more quietly, please go out on holidays.

  1. Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque

Muhammad Cheng Mosque is always crowded with visitors due to its unique images. This mosque is of Chinese architectural style with a predominance of charming red and green colours.

Apart from praying, many visitors use it to take selfies. If you’re playing in Surabaya, you can’t miss the Muhammed Cheng Ho Mosque.

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