Exploring Tourism in the Land of Windmills and Purwokerto

Tourist Attractions in the Netherlands

Tourist attractions in the Netherlands, is a place that must be visited during the upcoming vacation. This Windmill Country has a variety of charms that can leave an exciting vacation experience. Below are some tourist destinations in the Netherlands that can be visited:

Eight Interesting Tourist Destinations in the Netherlands

Kinderjick Village

The Netherlands, which is famous for its windmills, has a history behind it. One of them can be found from this Kinderjick Village. Kinderjick Village is a low-lying village in the Netherlands which was initially very vulnerable to flooding. However, since 1740, the construction of windmills was initiated to prevent flooding in low-lying areas. This has proven to be effective so far, Kinderjick Village is free from flooding. The location is in Alblasterward, South Holland Province.

Amsterdam Canal

Holland and the canal, he said, were closely related. That’s why if you haven’t visited the Amsterdam Canal yet, it doesn’t feel complete. The canal, located in Amsterdam, has a length of about 100 km. It was named a world cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2010. When visiting this canal, you can tour along the city that the canal passes through.

Keukenhof . Flower Garden

If Indonesia has Begonia Gardens in Bandung, Selecta Gardens in Batu, and other flower gardens, the Netherlands is also not inferior. Keukenhof Flower Garden, a village that turns into the most beautiful flower garden in March – May. The flowers grown here are tulips, roses, lavender, orchids, cherry blossoms, and other subtropical plants.

Bloemenmarkt (Floating Flower Market)

Bloemenmarkt is the Dutch floating market. Visiting bloemenmarkt, you will be presented with various types of flowers. A floating flower market in the Netherlands, Bloemenmarkt offers an atmosphere that is pleasing to the eye and calms the mind. Especially if you are a lover of beauty, flowers are the right object to satisfy your heart.

De Waag (The Weigh House)

For a palace holiday, you can visit De Waag. The atmosphere of the castle will feel thick through the buildings. Even so, actually De Waag are buildings that provide restaurants, coffee shops, or just to hang out casually. Usually on Saturday De Waag is transformed into an antiques market.

I Amsterdam Letter

The I Amsterdam Letter is an icon of the City of Amsterdam, which in fact represents the Netherlands itself. In Indonesia, writings are often found in several locations, such as Dago, Bdg, Malang, and many others. This I Amsterdam Letter or I am Amsterdam can be an interesting and unforgettable memory, so that in the future, you will be able to reminisce about your previous visit to the Netherlands.

Dam Square

Dam Square is the city square of Amsterdam. Here you can enjoy the Netherlands through interaction with the pigeons. You can also enjoy the atmosphere of the city of Amsterdam through various events that are held, performances from artists, as well as performances from street performers. Guaranteed the taste of the Dutch holiday will be increasingly thick.

Anne Frank’s House

Anne Frank House, it is said that this place was the hideout of Anne Frank during the reign of Adolf Hitler. You can also identify Anne Frank’s House through one of the locations used for filming The Faults in Our Stars.

Interested in a vacation to the Netherlands? Come on, try eight tourist attractions in the Netherlands that present a variety of uniqueness.

Take a Comfortable Trip from Semarang – Purwokerto

Travel Semarang Purwokerto, for those of you who need a comfortable vehicle when traveling Semarang – Purwokerto or vice versa. Travel is a process of reaching a destination. Whether it’s for business or just traveling for leisure purposes. However, whatever it is, a supportive mode of transportation is certainly a top priority in getting involved in a trip.

Semarang – Purwokerto, the two cities which are both located in Central Java can be reached by traveling approximately 5 hours 30 minutes. If you use your own vehicle, you will be exhausted when you arrive at the location. It’s different if you use public transportation. However, public transportation must also pay attention to the level of comfort. Traveling for almost a quarter of a day is a very effective option if you use travel as a vehicle for travel.

Travel Options Semarang – Purwokerto

A distance of about 219 kilometers, Semarang and Purwokerto can be reached by land with several choices of transportation modes. However, choosing a mode of transportation by considering all the conveniences is the first step that will determine a good impression on the next trip process. Below are several locations, where you can use a trip to Purwokerto from Semarang or on the reverse route:

There are at least four trips that you can use to support a comfortable trip while crossing Semarang and Purwokerto, or the opposite route. If you are traveling alone, you can book a ticket for yourself by adjusting the type of car used. Meanwhile, if you are one of a group traveling, you can first order travel in the form of a bus vehicle.

The ease of choosing a mode of transportation is a breath of fresh air for anyone who often makes long trips. Not only makes it easier for you to mobilize from one place to another, some travel agents also provide services to deliver goods from one location to another.

Of the many choices of travel-based transportation modes, with various choices of types of vehicles, as well as various facilities aimed at meeting the needs of every community for means of transportation, everyone can freely choose which travel is more comfortable to use.

Advantages of Using Travel

Semarang and Purwokerto, which are famous for their respective characteristics, can certainly be enjoyed with various supporting things. One of them is the accuracy of choosing a vehicle. Driving alone along the Semarang – Purwokerto road or vice versa can indeed be an alternative if you don’t want to use travel. However, some of the advantages below cannot be obtained, such as:

  • Get a relaxed position while in the vehicle during a long journey.
  • Can close your eyes and rest your body at any time when tired or drowsy.
  • Can eat and drink as much when hungry and thirsty approaches.
  • It can be fun to look around when traveling Semarang – Purwokerto or vice versa.

In essence, every trip, using any mode of transportation has advantages and disadvantages. However, with the many advantages that Semarang Purwokerto travel offers, anchoring your choice of travel is the best step so that you can enjoy your trip comfortably

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