Family Vacation With Panorama Tour And Travel

Panorama tour and travel – vacationing is certainly a fun activity to do, especially if the vacation is done together with loved ones such as family or friends. To be able to have a pleasant vacation, then you don’t have to spend a lot of money while you are on vacation.

Save Holiday

You can take a vacation cheaply and of course still have fun. For a pleasant vacation, you also don’t have to go far abroad, which tends to cost a lot of money. Here are some budget vacation tips that you can do:

Conduct site survey

Before you decide to take a vacation, you should also decide in advance the location you want to go for a vacation with family and friends. This is useful to make sure the location where you are on vacation is according to your wishes or not. You can browse, read, or ask questions to find out which locations are good to visit.

Order ahead of time

After determining the location of your tourist destination, the next step is to order tickets for transportation and lodging that you will use as a place to stay at these tourist attractions. This is because, if you order on the H day, most of the available lodging and transportation will run out. But if you order well in advance, then you will get attractive offers, you can even get a good discount. So that it will make you feel a frugal and enjoyable vacation.

Prioritize comfort

Even though you save money while on vacation, of course you have to pay attention so that you still feel comfortable and not disappointed with your event on vacation. Make sure you feel comfortable in choosing accommodation, means of transportation, and so on. If you feel comfortable, then you will feel a pleasant holiday.

Using tour and travel services

For those of you who want to take a cheap vacation, one of the things you can do is to use tour and travel services that you often encounter. Tour and travel services provide various kinds of offers, both means of transportation, lodging, and also tourist destinations that will satisfy you. Of course the price given will be cheaper if you use tour and travel services than you are on vacation alone

Panorama Tour And Travel

Panorama tour and travel provides flight tickets from Jakarta to the other side of the island to foreign countries. Not only that, here they also provide cheap train tickets from Gambir Jakarta station to other cities on the island of Java. In addition to transportation, what is provided by Panorama Tour and Travel are cheap hotels that you can get if you use the services of this tour and travel agent. Thus, your vacation trip will be more enjoyable and does not require a large cost.

Panorama tour and travel also cooperates with well-known airlines both in Indonesia and abroad. The payment process is also quite easy, Panorama Tour and Travel accepts payments from many types of banks. For those of you who want to vacation abroad, this panoramic tour and travel also gives you options for popular tourist attractions in other countries such as in Japan, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, and other countries.

That’s a little review of cheap vacation tips with panoramic tours and travel. Hopefully it can provide useful information.

Recommended Tourist Attractions in Bogor Interesting

Tourist attractions in Bogor – if from Jakarta, Bogor is indeed a quite strategic place so it is not surprising that on weekends not a few of the people of Jakarta and its surroundings who want to take a vacation and relieve fatigue from daily activities are by visiting places tourism in Bogor. This is because, in Bogor there are also quite a number of famous tourist destinations in Bogor.

In Bogor, you can find many interesting tourist attractions to visit. Starting from natural attractions to culinary attractions, even educational tours are also available in this rainy city. here are some tourist attractions in Bogor that you can visit with family, friends, or others:

Bogor Botanical Garden

One of the most visited tourist attractions by visitors is the Bogor Botanical Gardens. In addition, the Bogor Botanical Gardens has also become an icon of the city of Bogor. Here you can invite the children to observe the plants, so being here you are not just walking around. You can do useful activities together with children. In the Bogor Botanical Gardens, there are about 15,000 types of trees and plants. Bogor Botanical Gardens is the oldest botanical garden in Asia, because this botanical garden has existed since colonial times. However, here, there are not only trees and plants, but also other rides that will make you and your children happy.

Mekarsari Park

If the Bogor Botanical Gardens is the largest botanical garden in Indonesia, then the Mekarsari Park is the largest fruit garden in Indonesia. Here there are approximately 1,470 types of fruit trees and also 100 thousand types of trees in an area which has an area of ​​about 264 ha. in the Mekarsari park you can enjoy how fun it is to pick and eat fruits that are straight from the tree. This place does have the concept of education, recreation, conservation, and also reforestation, so it’s not just a vacation, here you can learn while playing by increasing knowledge about trees and fruits and how to breed them. Not only enjoying fruit picking, at the Mekarsari fruit park you can do other activities such as enjoying outbound rides, banana boats, water geese, and others.

Lake Situ Gede

If you want a relaxing and economical vacation, but still fun, you can visit Situ Gede. Here you can fish. Take a walk, and also boat around the lake. This lake is located on the edge of the Dramaga forest which is still owned by the Indonesian state forestry company. The lake which has an area of ​​about 6 ha looks more beautiful and cool because it is surrounded by shady green trees. This place is a tourist spot that is very suitable for you to use to relieve fatigue from your daily activities by fishing and also going around the lake by boat.

Mount Pancar

Mount Pancar is a place that is often used as a place for camping, jogging, hiking, and horse riding. This place is perfect for those of you who want to be away from the noise of the city. At Mount Pancar you can enjoy the natural scenery in the form of dense and tall pine forests, so that it cools your mind.

Those are a few of the many tourist attractions in Bogor that you can make a choice of when you are on vacation and spend time with your family.

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