Interesting and Popular Ambon Tourism, Don’t Miss It

Ambon is the capital and largest city in Maluku Province. The location of Ambon City itself is mostly located in Pulan Ambon, where in general Ambon City covers the area along the inner coast of Ambon Bay and the outer coast of the Leitimur Peninsula.

If you visit Ambon, don’t miss the interesting tourist attractions that are there. One of the highlights of Ambon tourism is its beautiful beaches with white sand. Launching from, Ambon City has a coastline of 98 km.

However, Ambon tourism is not only limited to beaches or other natural attractions. If you like the history of this country, Ambon also offers historical tours such as museums or buildings that have historical value.

Ambon tourism can be a good recommendation if you want to spend vacation time. In the following, we will present some interesting and unique Ambon tours, as reported by

Fort Duurstede

The first Ambon tour is Duurstede Fort. The location of this fort is not far from Saparua Bay. This fort is a Portuguese heritage but ended up in the hands of the VOC in 1691.

Although the age of this fort is very old, but its condition is still well maintained and sturdy. If you visit this fort, you can enter and walk around to take pictures.

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Victoria Castle

The second Ambon tour is Fort Victoria. Just like Fort Duurstede, Fort Victoria is also the result of the Portuguese heritage. This fort has also become one of the most sought-after tourist attractions, because in addition to a sturdy and well-maintained building, you can also feel the feel of a European building in this place with all the knick-knacks that are still intact.

Pattimura Park

The third Ambon tour is Pattimura Park. As the name implies, Pattimura Park was built to honor the struggle of Captain Pattimura. In this park, you can do various sports activities. You can jog around the park, or use the court to play badminton, volleyball or basketball.

Capeo Rock Beach

The fourth Ambon tour is Batu Capeo Beach. This beach is a very popular destination. You will find large stones that are arranged naturally on this beach. In addition, the beach is also surrounded by high cliffs. Not to mention the beautiful scenery of the beach with clean white sand, making this beach has an attractive and different appearance.

Long Sand Beach

The fifth Ambon tour, namely Pasir Panjang Beach. This beach stretches quite long, decorated with white sand and a stretch of blue sea. Some residents come to this beach in the morning and evening for jogging or running. This beach is indeed suitable for exercising, because in addition to the beautiful scenery, the blowing wind will also make your exercise time not feel tired.

Ngurtafur Beach

The next Ambon tour is Ngurtafur Beach. Ngurtafur Beach has a unique coastline because it is in the form of a platform. In addition, you can also walk to the middle of the sea safely. You can play water and beach sand with your family. The location is also very suitable as a place to take pictures.

City Door Beach

This beach is different from the beaches in Ambon which are decorated with white sand. At Pintu Kota Beach, you will see a stretch of coral along the beach. Don’t stop there, you will also get a view of a giant rock with a hole that forms like a gate. In this place, you can not only spoil your eyes, but also your tongue with culinary and diving activities.

Wasisil Beach

Wasisil Beach offers a very beautiful view. On this beach, you will be greeted with bright light blue sea water along with white sand. You will also find several mangroves planted by local residents to make this beach more shady, comfortable, and prevent shoreline abrasion and prevent waves.

Liang Beach

Another beautiful beach in Ambon is Liang Beach. This orphanage is one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Every side of this beach looks beautiful and beautiful. Although this area is not too crowded by visitors, you can still enjoy various water activities such as diving to surfing.

Ora Beach

If you are on vacation to Ambon, take the time to visit Ora Beach. Ora Beach is one of the beaches that is quite famous and should be included in the list of destinations while in Ambon. This beach is also not far from Seram Island, and you can enjoy various interesting activities such as diving and surfing. In addition, this area also saves amazing underwater scenery.

Ora Beach, North Seram

Its location is not in Ambon, but its beauty also helps to raise the reputation of this ‘City of Music’. How not, with a beach dotted with mountains, clear blue sea and shady trees, this class of panorama is guaranteed to make anyone fall in love!

In addition to the amazingly beautiful scenery, the exotic cottage also adds to the uniqueness of Ora Beach. You can also choose to stay at the Eco Resort available here, you know!

Molana Island

Molana Island always offers a unique beauty for travelers who love nature tourism. With coral reefs, fine white sand, clear sea water and captivating corals, Molana Island will truly amaze you with its beauty.

This exotic tropical island also has a beautiful green charm. Mangrove plants and shady trees on this island will certainly add to the beauty of Molana Island.

Ngurbloat Beach, Southeast Maluku

One of the best wonders in Indonesia can be found at Ngurbloat Beach. Located in an overdraft on Kei Island, Ngurbloat Beach provides a unique natural panorama, from the long coastline to the clear blue sea.

Another wonder that you can get here is the very fine white sand. So smooth, the white sand on Ngurbloat Beach has been named the beach with the softest sand in Asia, you know. Wow that’s great, isn’t it?

Amsterdam Hila Fort

Historical relics are always the center of attention of many people, especially if these relics have millions of messages implied. In Maluku itself, there is Amsterdam Fort which is located on the border of Hila Country and Keitetu Country. This fort itself holds a variety of historical stories that are guaranteed to amaze you.

it has its own charm. The sturdy building, strategic location and beautiful scenery make this one destination a very Instagram-worthy spot too!

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